About Dianne

Dianne McCallister is a Government Relations Specialist at Public Policy Partners. She joined the Public Policy Partners team in 2008. During her tenure at Public Policy Partners, she has lobbied on behalf of a number of Fortune 500 companies and government entities.  Over her career she has helped draft and passed numerous pieces of legislation. She is equipped with diverse expertise including, but not limited to: healthcare, energy, technology, pharmaceuticals, retirement, economic development, as well as financial and municipal issues. Dianne works closely with our clients to develop legislative strategies, identify bills throughout the session that would impact clients, as well as lobbying the issues.

Ms. McCallister was awarded the Arizona Capitol Times “Best Female Lobbyist Under 40” in 2015. She received her Bachelor of Science in Economics, as well as a supplemental major in Law and Society from New Mexico State University. She is the former President of the Board of Directors for Downtown Urban Community Kids, a Christian non-profit organization whose purpose is to help kids develop life skills, in a structured setting, which promote esteem-building personal relationships


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