Dr. Aking

Dr. Aking, M.D., a Peoria psychiatrist for over 13 years, joined the PSA Board of Directors in September, 2015. Dr. Aking is the Chief Psychiatrist for West Valley Partners in Recovery.  Born in India, she received a Master’s degree in English from Osmania University, India, a Master’s in Public Relations from Auburn University in AL, and then went on to receive an MD from Saba University School of Medicine in the West Indies.

Dr. Aking has always had a keen interest in psychiatry and sought admission into medical school to become a psychiatrist. After working in the private sector for three years in SC, she started her outpatient practice in the West Valley Clinic in 2006 and has been the Chief Psychiatrist of the clinic and ACT team physician since 2007. Dr. Aking is interested in cross-cultural boundaries and effects of the same in treatment and outcomes in psychiatry. She has also been an integral part of launching the PCP co-located program at the clinic under the PIR leadership to improve the health of the recipients that PIR serves in a holistic fashion. Dr. Aking is also an Indian classical dancer. Her interest in this dance form and the social aspect of psychiatry enabled her to choreograph and present “Mind Matters”, a blend of dance and psychiatry to raise mental health awareness, which was extremely well received by the community.


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