This autumn, Charlotte Webb will celebrate 10 years at PSA.  In celebration of the Peer and Family Recovery program, the PSA newsletters will feature a success story.  To begin the series, Webb agreed to share her journey.

Webb, Chief Recovery Officer at PSA Behavioral Health Organization, is a soft-spoken individual who easily and quickly captivates her audience.  Her talent is matched by her dedication to her work and to the participants.

She began her route to recovery on the late 1970’s.  There was something amiss for her.  Webb felt angry and depressed; things were going wrong.  After being diagnosed and hospitalized, her recovery commenced.

The path took her to the Navajo Indians. Professionally, she taught for 18 years at the Kaibeto Boarding School and became a department head.  Personally, she married and had a family.

After what she called “a dip in the road,” Webb moved to Phoenix in 2003 and ultimately found her true calling.  She attended and began working with recovery groups, becoming a Peer Mentor, then a Consumer Liaison.

In 2007 she joined PSA as a Peer Support Specialist.  Later, she became the Executive Director of Warehouse 1005 in downtown Phoenix.  Webb was then appointed the Director of Recovery Services and became the Chief Recovery Officer in 2011.

As is true for most, recovery did not follow a “straight line of progression.”  There were more twists and turns along the way.  “I learned to regroup and develop a sense of self-awareness.”  She also has a refined sense of humor that serves her well.

Webb teaches peer support classes and uses the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  They are based on ancient Toltec wisdom combined with modern insight.  They are:

  • Be impeccable in your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

Her journey includes helping others in their recovery.  Years ago, teaching left her feeling dissatisfied and ineffectual.  That’s not her attitude about her classes today.  Like everyone else, Webb still has challenges; yet she remains practical.  “I meet them by practicing what I preach.”  Also, she recalls her father’s advice: “Be tough.”  She doesn’t give up, she knows that there’s always hope.

She’s also learned that she doesn’t have to do everything herself.  (That’s quite an admission!)  Both personally and professionally, Webb has others who can support her.

This CRO does more than talk the talk and walk the walk.  She lives the life every. single. day.

Webb admits to one guilty pleasure – to stay at home with her dog and 2 cats and to do nothing.  That may be more of a fantasy than an indulgence.

She leads by example.  Webb’s a teacher at heart and that’s a role she’s perfected.  A self-professed workaholic, she pushes herself to be the best and encourages others to reach within and explore their full potential.

Thank you, Charlotte, for your service and for being an inspiration.


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