Community integration services are psychosocial rehabilitative services provided in the context of a therapeutic expressive arts in an art studio environment. The studios provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals to foster exploration and development of artistic skills. Participants’ distinct talents are acknowledged from the start, with each being referred to as an “artist” who learns respect for self and others, personal accountability, and pride in accomplishments while developing enhanced self-esteem and wellness management skills. Services facilitate community integration within the art community and artists develop vocational pursuits related to creating artwork for exhibit and sale.

Therapeutic expressive art promotes the healing power of creativity and self-expression. Participants readily admit that creating art helps reduce stress and the intensity of psychiatric symptoms. Studios, known as “the place where the magic happens”, also offer visual arts, poetry, music, movement, drama, pre-job training, socialization and education. To encourage the development of technical skills, structured classes are offered in a wide range of areas such as drawing, painting, mosaics, sculpture, ceramics, special crafts, and mixed media.


PSA Art Awakenings promotes hope, recovery, diversity and wellness through an innovative and strength based treatment program. It is a peer driven program, with staff working collaboratively with artists on their journey to recovery. Staff welcomes and incorporates input from artists about the program and encourages community integration, skill building, and working toward self-sufficiency.

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