Therapeutic art groups use the creative arts in a safe and supportive environment, free of judgment or criticism. Youth participate in meaningful activities to encourage positive socialization, life skills and problem solving focused on unique strengths. Trained staff facilitate youth groups that range from ages 6-17.  The use of art mediums, such as drawing, mosaic, crafts or mixed media, encourages exploration and mastery of skills while experiencing new ways to increase coping skills and resilience, which are transferrable to activities of daily living.

Staff use a variety of art media, storytelling, poetry, music, movement, visual arts, painting, and sculpture to individualize the experience; everything that is usually thought of as creativity. Challenges experienced by youth include symptoms or behaviors that interfere with well-being, such as difficulty in verbal expression of emotions or thoughts, which can affect success in school, at home, with peers or in the community. The art therapy and/or therapeutic expressive process utilizes art to transform attitudes, expand perceptions, create hope to cope with difficulties, and work towards successful adulthood. Tucson and Yuma also offer special groups for youth on the ASD spectrum.  Click here for additional information.


PSA Art Awakenings promotes hope, recovery, diversity and wellness through an innovative and strength-based therapeutic program.

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