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PSA began providing 24-hour residential treatment to adults with mental illness in 1981.  In 1983, the program changed from a 24-hour program model to a semi supervised living treatment model with services provided in scattered site apartments in central Phoenix.  An expansion in 1987 allowed for the semi-supervised model to be offered in Tempe.  The current PSA Housing Department is comprised of three components: Supported Living; Supported Living Assertive; and Permanent Supportive Housing Services (250 placements valley-wide).  The SL Program utilizes one and two bedroom units in apartment complexes located within a five mile radius of the PSA offices in Phoenix and Tempe.  Referrals are generated through MMIC.  The SLA Program utilizes both the house model and apartment model where participants hold their own leases with other housing agencies while supportive services are provided by PSA.  SLA referrals are also generated by MMIC.  Referrals for the PSHS program are generated by clinical teams (case managers, etc.) and require the participant to have a housing voucher or income to be able to afford the rent on an apartment. 

The PSA Housing Department offers services within Maricopa County.  For all programs, services are provided in the community, in participant homes, and in our Phoenix and Tempe offices. 

Criteria/selection requirements for SL and SLA include having an SMI diagnosis and being Title XIX eligible.  Referrals come to PSA from MMIC.  Clinical teams complete applications for the requested level of care and MMIC sends referrals based on availability.

Criteria/selection requirements for PSHS include being Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI), Co-Occurring and Non-Co-Occurring Title XIX and Non- Title XIX participants.  Referrals are made through MMIC Housing department as well as through the network provider clinics.  All referrals are voluntary and  based on the individual’s needs.

The Phoenix SL program is currently able to offer services to 14 participants with criminal backgrounds, with the exception of those who are sex offenders.  The SLA programs in both Phoenix and Tempe may accept those with criminal backgrounds.  The Phoenix SLA program includes the Morten property which is a special collaboration between PSA, Maricopa County Adult Probation, and MMIC.  Criteria for Morten include having an SMI diagnosis, being Title XIX eligible, and having at least one year remaining on their probation at the time of admit to the program. 

The Permanent Supportive Housing program assists participants in developing personal goals aimed at maintaining housing, personal wellness, and independent living. The person-centered approach to “meet me where I'm at" acknowledges that each individual has his/her own strengths that provide the foundation for success. A clinician will assist with provided services to support housing transition, housing navigation, home management, personal care, budgeting, health and wellness skills, and linkages to community resources. PSHS is also able to assist participants with criminal backgrounds to secure housing.

The goal of all housing department programs is to assist adults with serious mental illnesses and/or co-occurring issues to successfully integrate/re-integrate into the community of their choice.

Services/supports offered include:

  • Peer support
  • Art Awakenings
  • Recovery/Wellness (whole person health promotion)
  • Pre-job skills
  • Employment support
  • Family support
  • Independent living skills
  • Substance use/abuse treatment/coaching/counseling
  • Symptom management of SMI/substance abuse
  • Coordination of care with clinical teams, Probation Officers, Primary Care Physicians, pharmacies, guardians, advocates, attorneys, MMIC, courts, housing providers, family members and other stakeholders
  • Navigation of mental health system
  • Individual counseling (trauma informed care)

For Information Please Call:

Rhonda K. Collett, Housing Director at 602-995-1767 x1046 or email rhonda.collett@azpsa.org


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