Counseling services are provided to adults diagnosed with a serious mental illness (SMI), and/or co-occurring disorders and individuals with general mental health and substance abuse (GMHSA). Services are provided in-office, in-home or in the community depending on the individual’s needs. Counseling services focus on providing individuals, couples or families with a positive treatment experience.  While goals are individualized, the overarching theme is to achieve optimal functioning within themselves, inter-personally and in the community. Services are focused on situational stressors, family and interpersonal relationships, addiction and trauma informed care. Counseling services embrace the concept that personal wellness is a key component of one’s mental health. The Wellness Center and Art Awakenings are added components of the Counseling services program.


PSA fully ascribes to the principles of the Recovery movement for GMHSA and SMI adults and adults with co-occurring disorders.  Services embrace the recovery ideals of individual choice, empowerment, accessibility and community integration. PSA utilizes the Recovery Assessment Survey in developing the treatment plan goals as well as an ongoing outcome tool to measure client’s recovery progress and program effectiveness.

How to Get Started: The case manager or clinical liaison should call 602-995-1767. Private pay and some insurances are accepted for more information call the Billing & Claims Department.


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