INC - In Community

PSA’s In Community program provides supportive services for families/caregivers and participants both in and out of the home. Services are typically peer delivered, allowing the participant to benefit from the lived experiences of the PSA staff, many of whom are peers. Highly individualized services are flexible to meet the participant’s needs. With an emphasis on connecting participants with pre-existing community supports, services lay the groundwork for long-term self-sufficient recovery.


In Community offers families and caregivers of adults with mental health needs a time for rest and relief while engaging the participant in meaningful activities such as community and individualized outings, educational/cultural experiences, and life skills learning.


Services start at the home and teach life skills that can be taken into the community. Services are peer delivered and highly individualized, some activities might include home management, personal care, finding community resources or budgeting. For more information contact the location nearest you.

Similar services for SMI adults in Maricopa County are offered through the Permanent Supportive Housing and Respite programs.

Youth Respite - Offered in Tucson only - DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

PSA Youth Respite offers primary caregivers of children and teens with mental health needs a time for rest and relief while engaging youth in meaningful activities. Youth, ages 6-17, can participate in group and social activities to enhance their social and emotional well-being.


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