Integrated Services

For Maricopa Adults, PSA offers a healing place to support wellness through exercise, good nutrition and reducing stress. To assist those interested in feeling better, staff and equipment are available to help develop an individualized exercise program, teach about good nutrition, experience healthy food choices, and support participants to be calmer through innovative methods that heal one's nervous system.

Integrative Nursing Services are provided with a focus on the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, with the understanding that stress, tension and trauma are stored in one's total being, not just "in the head". These include sound healing which is based on scientific principles,and works with the nervous system to breakup stagnation in the whole body. Numerous sound healing tools are used including tuning forks, voice and binaural beats. Trauma and Tension Release Exercise (TRE) is also offered to heal from stress or trauma by restoring the body to a place of greater calm. With that goal in mind, meditation and other tools are also available.

For additional support of participants on their wellness journeys, Wii-Fit, gardening, fitness field trips, nature trail walks, and more are provided.


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